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Custom Boat Interior
Boat Upholstery Repair

Infinity Worldwide
If your own or are interested in a vessel that it is not quite what you could consider the boat of your dreams, donít be so quick to brush it aside, customize it into the boat of your dreams.

If you don't like the original interior layout of your boat, you can rebuild your interior any way that you wish! If you are not quite sure where to start, there are a few things to keep in mind that will ease you into the process of restoring the interior of your boat.

We specialize in custom boat interior repair and seat covers for Boats.We have been doing custom boat interiors for over 20 years and are reputation stands for it self. Also are prices are very affordable so give us a call for a price. Friendly, affordable, and efficient is are motto.
Call Us For A Price Quote......   516 - 849 - 6051
infinity_worldwide_rim_repair001002.gif infinity_worldwide_rim_repair001001.gif infinity_worldwide_rim_repair001001.gif